How long will the tape last on my skin? 

Normally tape will last 3-5 days, though it can vary due to excessive oil on the skin or humid conditions. Make sure to clean skin thoroughly, then wait an hour before applying.

Can I shower with it on?

Yes, it is designed to stay on the body through showers, bathing and even in hot tubs.

Can I cut the tape? Will it lose its effectiveness?

Cutting the tape will not diminish the effectiveness, but one of the clear disadvantages of cutting it is the lessened ability of the strip to adhere to the skin. When you decrease the surface area of the tape sticking to the body, it will not have the same degree of sticky surface to attach itself

Do I have to stretch the tape like other sport tapes?

Since the mechanism of Bolt Tape is from the solution on the tape and not the actual tape itself, it is not necessary to stretch the tape for effectiveness. Bolt Tape offers the benefits of sport tape, without needing to stretch the tape, and the bio-energetic response from the natural, safe energy solution.

Does it help in recovery?

You can pay via credit/debit card or PayPal. All payments are secured transactions.

Will I injure myself by not feeling pain where I have applied the tape?

No, the tape and energy only allow the body to rebalance the injury and does not allow a change in sensation or altered state to normal pain, soreness or other abnormality.

Does the energy on the tape only last a certain amount of time?

No, the energy in the tape lasts as long as the tape is adhering to the skin.

Does the tape need to be taken off daily and can I reapply?

Once the tape is applied, it can not be taken off and reapplied due to the nature of the adhesive. Put the tape on and leave it on. It is designed to stay in place for a 3-5 day wear time. Some people who have trouble keeping the tape on that long need to make sure the skin is dry and clean of excess skin oil, sweat, etc.

Does it work on Fibromyalgia?

We have had success with Fibromyalgia patients. The majority of people have had pain relief and improved function with Bolt Tape.

Is it normal to feel a tingly sensation when wearing Bolt Tape?

Although it is not an everyday experience to feel tingling when the tape is applied, the energy on the tape can “wake up” energies in the body that will diminish over time as a re-balancing of the system takes place. It will not cause any damage or harm from the tingling. It is temporary. As your system accommodates to restored function, you will experience better movement and pain relief.

Is the treatment on the tape going into my skin?

No, there is no absorption of the solution that is on the tape; it is strictly on the tape and does not pass into the body.

I'm an athlete that is drug tested, is there any risk with this product?

There are no chemicals, medications or other elements in the solution that will cause any change in drug testing or absorption in any way. It has been applied to Olympic athletes and College athletes that were drug tested without any issues. It is energy that is changed in the body that creates the response, not chemicals or other absorbed substances.


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