Immune Support Patch for the treatment of colic.

They place one patch on the forehead of the horse, and another on the belly of the horse just above the belly button. CAUTION: Be sure to monitor the horse after application, some animals will begin feeling very lethargic and overwhelmed with the influence of the patch in a mellow “out of it” way. Others there is no abnormal response except within an hour the colic symptoms are significantly changed.

CBD Cohesive Tape for Animals Treatment for Laminitis, Founder and Barefoot hoof conditions. Wrap the tape on the lower leg of the horse just above the hoof. Anchor it on with super glue or the Immune Support Patch. The healing energies of the tape combined with compression have shown to be effective on Laminitis and Foundering. If there is an abscess, make sure to check the bandage and remove or replace periodically to let the abscess drain. As with all Bolt Tape Products, please keep away from magnetic fields such as laundry dryers or furnaces which might create an electrostatic charge and destroy the energies of the patch and tape products.


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