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10 Strips

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Bolt Tape is the first and only product to combine the benefits of sport tape with an all natural solution of arnica homeopathy, and essential minerals  for revolutionary, drug-free pain relief and increased muscle mobility.

Each Bolt Tape strip provides effective relief for acute and mild to moderate pain associated with muscle strains, inflammation, arthritis, headaches and other injury/illness symptoms.

  • Drug-free pain relief
  • Non-absorbed
  • Improved mobility
  • 100% Natural
  • No training necessary to use this product
  • Easy to Apply-Just Put it on the Pain
  • No side effects
  • Safe, even for children
  • No sticky mess
  • Relief for up to 3-5 days
  • Water resistant
  • It works!

Ingredients: Arnica Homeopathy, essential minerals in a natural oil base


Contact Information

Address 6105 SW Macadam Ave
Portland  OR. 97239
Phone:  503.244.3389