It’s Revolutionary!

Bolt Tape combines the benefits of sports tape with the science of Energy Medicine to  provide natural pain relief.

Drug-Free Pain Relief

Safe, Non-absorbed

Improved Mobility

Sports Science Meets Rocket Science

The Science of Bolt Tape

BOLT TAPE IS AT THE FOREFRONT OF ENERGY MEDICINE. Bolt Tape is safe and drug-free pain relief on sports tape, that delivers natural energetic frequencies that allow the body to heal and provides continual  therapy.

This product evolved from the science and background of improving the subtle energies of the body. Our bodies are electrical entities and balanced human energy fields are vitally important to our health and healing.

Instead of putting a substance into the body such as a drug or supplement, Bolt Tape provides the healing frequencies that are needed and selected by the body to rebalance, interrupt pain pathways and create healthy changes.

“Bolt Tape”  applies an extract of the homeopathy Arnica Montana and several minerals to the outside of the tape that are generally considered essential nutrients. Minerals have long been recognized as essential to wellness, and are also used as dietary supplements. They help normalize the bio-field through their electrochemical properties. Various proprietary combinations of essential minerals, have beneficial energetic properties that can be enhanced by applying frequencies that further benefit health and wellness associated with these minerals. As consumers have experienced with recording materials, going back as far as magnetic tapes used to record music to flash drives that record almost anything, certain frequencies, when combined with certain materials, hold their energy for very long periods, even with repeated use. Similarly, the materials used to create Bolt Tape retain their fundamental characteristics as well as the frequencies that are imparted.

Depending on the essential minerals used and their proportions, as well as the beneficial frequencies that are applied, the body may respond in different ways. Bolt Tape has been formulated to provide the benefits that will reduce pain, enhance athletic performance, improve recovery and provide increased energy for an overall well-being.

It is well recognized that Arnica has a long standing history of pain relief. Arnica is known to relieve your aches and pains while assisting the body’s healing process. Speedy relief and active healing means you can keep doing the things you enjoy. This lets you control your pain and avoid the use of harsh pain medicine after activities.

Many health care providers use Arnica with confidence knowing that it is regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and it is produced according to drug Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs). Arnica is natural and safe for everyone. There is no risk of drug interaction or complications when using Arnica, which is particularly important after trauma for any reason, when diminishing pain, swelling and bruising are the goals. This is also important when treating chronic pain which responds without side-effects to the energies of Arnica and the mineral combination. Bolt Tape is a non-transdermal, non-chemical product that delivers natural energetic frequencies that allow the body to heal. Bolt Tape is at the forefront of natural medicine.

“In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy. Szent-gyorgyi. 1967.”

The body is able to make use of energy frequencies to reduce pain and heal an injury or maintain a normal balance. Instead of putting a substance into the body, such as a drug or supplement this tape product provides subtle energy through Arnica homeopathy and minerals that are placed in solution and applied to the tape. These healing frequencies are utilized and selected by the body to reduce inflammation, improve muscle contraction and create overall healthy changes.

This explains why people may experience different positive changes from the application of Bolt Tape. Unlike other sport tapes, Bolt Tape consistently provides pain relief and improved mobility from the unique energy qualities of the tape.

Powered by Bolt Tape, I ran a 7:43 minute mile and finished 6th in my age group!

– Angie Mountain, 49, runner


3 Reasons to Use Bolt Tape

The Bolt Tape Story

Bolt Tape was developed by Dean Clark, D.C. 3 Olympic Teams Selection, Past National President of ACA Board of Infrared Imaging, Published Researcher in Energy Medicine Products.


Experiencing pain can can rob us from reaching our full potential, or even make getting through the day seem impossible.  From running, to hitting a ball, or just getting out of bed…pain can be a game changer.

That’s why I created Bolt Tape, a revolutionary new product that combines the benefits of sports tape with the science of Energy Medicine to provide natural pain relief.

Growing up in Portland, Oregon, I became a competitive distance runner.  I placed 3rd in the NCAA Track Championships in the Steeplechase event and 6th in the National Track Championship. However, my own health issues sidelined me from continuing my career, and I learned firsthand how pain can impact your life.

I became a Chiropractor to help others whose lives had also changed due to physical pain.  Throughout my 30 years in practice, I have worked with Olympic athletes, weekend warriors, and everyone in between.  From acute pain to chronic pain, I have witnessed what pain does to both the human body and spirit.  Beyond my clinical work, I was driven by a desire to find an advance treatment that was innovative, drug-free, easy to use, effective and available to anyone.

And so, Bolt Tape was created. Through my research in Energy Medicine, I have seen the benefits of using energy to treat illness and injury.  With Bolt Tape, I have found energies of the proper wavelength and frequency that when combined, work with the human body at the cellular level.  These energies rebalance abnormal body functions that cause pain by interrupting the pain signal that occurs between point of injury or stress and the brain.  The result is a new, revolutionary type of energy to treat suffering without the side effects of other pain management treatments.

We at Bolt Tape are thrilled to be a part of your journey toward renewed health and a more pain-free active life.

Yours in Health,

Dean Clark, D.C.